Agency Management Online Services

The right tools make any job more managable, and we believe that Amos365 is the right tool. Try it out completely risk free with no obligation. We'll even set you up and provide basic training so you can start managing your agents today.

Product Features

Unlimited Agent Tracking

Whether it's 50 or 50,000 agents in your company, Amos will meet the demands. The Agent search feature enables users to filter Agents based on city, state, policy number, product sold, management relationships, and more. Seemlessly add as many agents as needed to begin organizing your data.

Management Workflow

A large agent infrastructure means a large network of management. Assign and keep track of agents based on a management heirarchy system. Better management provides a stronger system of checks and balances, especially as your business grows.

Export Sales Reports

Reports can be generated using a number of different filters including, agents, products, sales volume, commission rates, and much more. Once the report has been generated, it can be exported to microsoft excel or any other spreadsheet program.

Product Tracking

Selling multiple products makes keeping track of the books a bit more difficult, especially without a P.O.S. system. Amos allows administrators to add as many products as needed and categorized them by carrier, type, and expiration date. Specific product sales reports can then be generated for your quarterly, semianually, and anual reporting.

Why Amos?


Avoid the generic workflow systems that claim to work for any business in any field. They overcharge for features most business do not need and will never use.

Amos was built specifically for Insurance companies with the goal to simplify the management process and reduce the massive paper trail required to maintain the agent network.


If there is a specific task, category, or field that you find neccessary but lacking from Amos, we would love to hear your feedback. In most cases, we can make adjustments or develop custom add-ons specifically for your business and have you on track to managing your agents.


We take pride in offering our clients superior customer service whether it be solving a user discrepancy or developing a custom add-on for your business.