Agency Management Online Services

Amos’ user-friendly interphase makes entering agent information fast, easy, and productive. There is no limit to the amount of Agents that can be stored in the database.

Store agent sales, client-relationships, commission rates, and leads generated. This information will be stored under the agent’s profile for later recall.

Sort reports using various Amos data filters to provide specific analytics about key elements of your business, then seemlessly export the data to your prefered analysis tool.

Agent Profiles


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Not only does Amos include critical information fields related to Insurance Agents, but we can add custom fields specifically for your business.

Amos also enables users to store special attachment to agent profiles whether it be:

  • Personal Photo
  • Copy of Contract
  • Other Critical Files



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Create a management heirarchy system to make sure agents know who to answer to and administrators know who is in charge of each agent.

Utilizing the New Management-Relationship feature, users can add managers, assign agents to managers, and add commission rates, certifications dates, and writing numbers.



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Relationships, Products, Clients, Leads

Along with Agents, Amos allows users to add products, clients, and leads. After populating the added fields, users can generate a relationship report between any of the above and a certain agent.

This allows for specific performance reviews for sales volume of a product, active client base, or leads generated.

System Features


Amos365 is simple and easy to use, with a clutter-free, easy to navigate dashboard.


There is no software to download, no updates to install. We will handle all the system maintenance.

Data Backup and Security

All your agent, client, and product data is stored and backed up on our servers.

Customize Amos

If you are not sure Amos encompasses all your agent management needs, not to worry. We will custom build Amos for your business.

Coming Soon!

Featuring a fully integrated online application tool for agents

  • Agents can apply online
  • Download and print PDF application
  • Automatically generate agent profiles
  • Populate common profile fields